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Before the Wedding Gown Care ~ by Springs Bridal

Call us at 719.388.0121 for a pre-wedding steaming. We like to book out steaming 2 weeks before the wedding, you just drop off the dress with us and we steam and bag it for you to pick up 2 days before the wedding. Let us help you look perfect! 
After the Wedding Gown Care ~ by Springs Bridal
We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our care. You made a big investment in your Bridal Gown and want the best for it, but parties can get a little messy so let us help!

Our Process: A trained employee will take the time to check what fabric your dress is made from and will hand wash your gown based on its need. If your dress got some stains during your big day, no problem, we will talk you though what we can do to remove it. Although we can not guarantee perfection, but we do quality work and believe handwashing is the safest option, especially for dresses with beading and sequins. Lastly, instead of stapling and taping your dress into a box you can never open, we place your cleaned dress in a fabric garment bag. The bag is safe for long term storage of your dress, and best of all you can look at it any time you want!

please note some fabrics (ie: silk and acetate) will require dry cleaning
Gentle hand cleaning, minor spot removal, and air dry. ~ $85


More than 5 layers of skirt ~ $25
Heavy soil or stains ~ $25
Breathable storage bag ~ $15

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